Mingle while you eat at these five hot lunch spots
We know, we know – you’re busy. Work all week, play all weekend, repeat. But maybe it hasn’t gotten you very far lately in the, err, love department. So why not do what you do best (and no, we don’t mean staying up until 4 a.m. playing Xbox)?

5 things to eat this week
Keep cool with a beloved summertime fruit, a sweet frozen drink and appetizers at a hot new restaurant.


5 things to eat this week
We love to see movies, but we really love them in the summertime. It’s not just because we haven’t worn a bathing suit in public since 1995, and thus have to make excuses not to attend pool parties. It’s because summer movies have all the big stars and flashy special effects. Since we also love to eat, we’ve compiled a list of movie must-eats for your enjoyment.

Cool down with locally made paletas
The next time you reach into the freezer for a box of Popsicles, consider this: Wouldn’t you rather have an all-natural treat made from local fruit instead of an artificially colored, rocket-shaped, corn syrup-laden frozen liquid? We thought so.


5 things to eat this week: Fourth of July edition
The patriotic thing to do is to raise a glass to our country’s freedom this Fourth of July. While you’re at it, we think raising a perfectly fried chicken wing and a forkful of mac and cheese are good ideas, too. Here are five things you should serve to your guests this Independence Day.


5 things to eat this week

Turning up the heat at Granada
The Granada Theater might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of great food, but chef Patrick Stark wants to change that. The Culinary Institute of America-trained chef, 31, came on board at the historic music venue two years ago, and he’s completely revamped the menu. Think gourmet pizza, Shiner-braised brisket and tacos stuffed with chicken, waffles and grits (yes, you read that right).


5 things to eat this week: Father’s Day edition
Dads are so great. They like fishing, ties and fixing things. Except when they don’t. Our dad doesn’t like any of those things, except for ties. And weightlifting. But he will be in town for Father’s Day, and we will take him to his favorite brunch spot. If your dad doesn’t like Lucky’s like ours does, we’ve got some other options for you.


Chef puts a tempura spin on quail

Chef Rex Turner of Q de Cheval has been cooking quail for more than 25 years.

5 things to eat this week


Wine and dine at BYOB spots
Drinking wine is fun. But buying it at a restaurant can be pricey. Here are our favorite bring- your-own spots in Dallas (all have little-to-no corkage fee), and which bottle to bring with you when you dine. Sarah Eveans Cane Rosso

5 things to eat this week


5 things to order at In-N-Out
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that cult-favorite, obsession-inducing fast-food chain In-N-Out made its North Texas debut on May 11. Will it live up to the hype? Will the burgers be better than hometown hero Whataburger? Will we all gain 5 pounds now that we have In-N-Out within driving distance? All valid questions. If you’re going to visit one of the new restaurants – if the crowds have finally calmed down, that is – here are five things you should order.


Chairman of the board
As executive chef of Eddie V’s on Oak Lawn Avenue, Brad Albers is in charge of creating five-star food for some of the city’s most discriminating palates. But after hours, you’ll find him doing something unexpected: flying down the ramps of local parking garages on his custom-designed skateboard.


Hit these new dining hot spots
Just in time for summer, we’ve got a list of hot new restaurants for you to try. Take the girls, take a date or go for the party – there’s a new resto for you, no matter the reason.

5 things to eat this week
Frozen yogurt, strawberry lemonade and…pho. Yes, these are some of the delicious things you should eat this week.


A how-to on pork belly
We’ve been wondering about pork belly for a while. Is it really a pig’s tummy? Or is it like pork butt, which is really the shoulder? And there’s so much fat that comes on top. Are we really supposed to eat it?

Where to fiesta on Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo is a big day to party in Dallas. Here are some of the best places to eat, drink and listen to mariachis. All events are Thursday unless otherwise noted. Sarah Eveans Bailey’s Prime Plus Park Lane

5 things to eat this week
In honor of Cinco de Mayo, here’s a list of some of our favorite Mexican foods that are readily available in Dallas.


5 things to eat this week
It’s the end of April and the beginning of May. You know what they say about April showers…we are so ready to hit the patio when they are over. Anyway, here are five things you should eat this week.


10 cool picnic spots

It won’t be long before it’s too-hot-to-sit-outside-without-sweating season. We probably have a few weeks of wiggle room before we all start to pit out after more than three minutes outdoors. So we should take advantage. Grab a friend or a date or a dog and have a picnic. It might sound quaint, but you’ll get the full effect of the sun, along with major points for originality. Here are 10 fun spots to try.


5 things to eat this week
Chicken, veggies, beer – things you should be eating and drinking this week!


5 Things to eat this week
Cookies! Strawberries! Pig’s ears! All are things you should eat this week!

Meet chef Garreth Dickey: Park’s man with the plan
Just a couple of years ago, Henderson Avenue’s Park Restaurant opened up with a bang – they had hired chef Marc Cassel of the legendary Green Room as executive chef. After much fanfare and generally glowing reviews, Cassel left the restaurant last December. Veteran Dallas chef Garreth Dickey took over in the kitchen, and the restaurant seems to be settling into a new, even more confident stride.


5 Things to eat this week
From crawfish to pizza to margaritas, here’s what we’re savoring this week!


10 Great places to eat in Oak Cliff
We know you’ve been to Oak Cliff. You’ve hung out with the regulars at Bolsa, brunched deliciously at Smoke and melted s’mores at Tillman’s Roadhouse. Maybe you were even lucky enough to score a coveted reservation at Lucia.


Eating weird in Big D
Stuck in Dallas for the weekend instead of road- tripping with your friends to South by Southwest in Austin? Yes, that sucks! But you can console yourself with a meal from one of these Austin-based restaurants with outposts in Big D.

5 Things to eat this week
From carrots to caramel (gelato) to chicken and waffles, here are five delicious things to eat this week.


5 Things to eat this week
We know where we’ll find you on Saturday, and chances are it won’t be pretty. Please remember: One cannot survive on green beer alone. Plan to duck in to one of these spots on Greenville for a snack during the long march toward drunkenness, a.k.a. the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Chips and bean dip


Chef DAT’s tips on planning a Mardi Gras party
Mardi Gras is in full swing this week, and if you’re looking to party in proper Louisiana style, chef David Anthony Temple is here to help.

5 Things to eat this week
We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve been doing some eatin’ lately. Here are five yummy things to put down your pie hole as fast as you can.


5 (Oscar-ish) things to eat this week
You probably assume that food is our only passion. Wrong! We also love movies, and since the Academy Awards are on Sunday, we’ll be eating appropriately. Save your popcorn and hot tamales – we’re indulging on movie-themed foods.

Shuck yeah: Dig into oysters
You eat oysters, right? RIGHT? OK, good. We love these ugly little bivalves and we eat them as often as we can, but we’ve never actually shucked one.


Dig into our fave fry spots
French fries really are the perfect creation. We dream about them, swear them off for weeks at a time and then gobble them down with a ferocity mostly seen in the wilds of Africa and at Justin Bieber concerts.

5 Things to eat this week
This whole snowpocalypse-one-day, sunshine-the-next thing is really messing with our heads. One day we’re freezing and the next day we’ve got the windows down. The result is, we’re in a funk. We know your doctor wouldn’t approve, but we think it’s OK to comfort yourself with food once in a while. Here are some of our favorite dishes to (sob) cheer ourselves up.


10 spots for Valentine time
Valentine’s Day can be hard. Too fancy could scare her off, too cheap could send a message that you’re cheap. We’re here to help. Want a meal in a fancy French place? We’ve got that. Want a casual, high-calorie dinner? Check. Want to go out and drink heavily with the girls? We’ve got that, too. With luck, you’ll get lucky – no matter what your night out entails. ‘

5 Things to eat this week
Whether you have a sweet tooth for candy hearts or a craving for melted cheese, we’ve got you covered.


Our 10 must-visit Dallas restaurants
In town for the Super Bowl? Well, aren’t you lucky! Here are 10 of our favorite spots for dinner, brunch or just appetizers with your cocktails. Whether you’re craving Tex-Mex, barbecue or a celebrity chef-helmed people-watching extravaganza, we’ve got recs that won’t leave you hungry.

5 Things to eat this week
For us, the Super Bowl is as much about the food as it is about the football. And, let’s face it, the best Super Bowl snacks are those that can be enjoyed using only one hand – leaving the other free to cradle a cold beer. From salty to sweet, here’s our list of must-eat finger foods for your Super Bowl shindig.


New chef on the block: Alma’s Michael Brown
It’s hard to not like chef Michael Brown almost instantly. Just four weeks ago, this food industry vet said goodbye to his home in Los Angeles (not to mention his job as uber chef Rick Bayless’ right-hand man) to move to our fair city and open Alma, the latest from Consilient Restaurants owner Tristan Simon. If that’s not awesome enough, he likes us.

5 Things to eat this week
Whether you have a sweet tooth or are craving some good ol’ chicken noodle soup, here are five things we recommend munching on this week.


10 Great coffee shops
Maybe you need to study. Maybe you need to work. Maybe you just need a shot of espresso (or two). Whatever the case may be, finding an independent coffee shop in Dallas has never been more enjoyable. All over town, coffee aficionados are roasting beans and using innovative brewing methods to create high-quality drinks. Many have great food, others do live music.


5 things to eat this week

Cozy restaurants for cold weather
When temperatures dip into the 30s, we don’t want salad, and we certainly don’t want to sit in some big, airy dining room. We need to get up close and personal with our dinner and our neighbor, and if there’s a fireplace on site, we might just hang out all night. The following restaurants are perfect for filling up and staying warm.

5 things to eat this week
Macaroni and cheese


Five places to eat healthy in 2011
Maybe it’s a cliche, but in January, we always resolve to be healthier. With the amount of delicious healthy restaurants in town, this year might be our year. We have options for vegans, vegetarians and people who just want to feel good after lunch.

5 Things to eat this week
This is the only time of year we’ll do this to you, we swear. But we’re just so darn bloated and full of candy (the filler Mom still insists on stuffing into our stocking) we can barely see our feet. It’s time for some detox. Here’s what we’re eating this virtuous week.


5 things to eat this week

Where to eat: New Year’s Day brunches
If you’re like us, you’ll probably be craving a little grease on New Year’s Day. If you’re not, well, I think there’s some 5K you can run (and that’s why we’re not friends). Here are some restaurants that will be open on Saturday for your first brunch in 2011.


5 Things to eat this week
This week, find inspiration for your holiday dining in Christmas carols. Some adjustments will need to be made, obviously. Here are some tips.


Make your own festive treats 
If you’e like us, buying gifts for everyone on your holiday list would mean SpaghettiOs and Taco Bell for the next six months (and woman cannot live on bean burritos alone). So we have to get crafty in the only area we know anything about: food. The following are a few time-tested recipes and gifts that will make your loved ones (or co-workers) really happy they didn’t make you mad this year.

5 Things to eat this week
From queso to fruit to hot chocolate, you’ll love what we’re suggesting this week


Easy tips for holiday fun
Thinking of throwing your own holiday party? Well, good luck with that. No, really, good luck impressing your friends, family, co-workers and potential love interests with your holiday smorgasbord of Coors Light, ranch CornNuts and 7-Eleven cheese dip. We’re going to make it easy for you. Actually, Central Market is. Their chefs are experts in the holiday catering department, and they’ve got some great ideas. Here’s how to do it.

5 Things to eat this week
From steak and grits to holiday tea, you’ll be eating and drinking merrily this week.


Monsters of cookie-making
This time of year, you may have to bring cookies to various occasions. Cookie exchanges, holiday parties and Christmas Eve treats for Santa call for a delicious and seasonal mini dessert. If you’re like us, and you’ve turned your oven into a place to hide gifts for your significant other (he’ll never look there, trust us), we’ve rounded up a few bakeries where you can pick up cookies that are already made. With the exception of one (delicious) spot, the work has been done for you. We are currently accepting thank yous in the form of gingerbread cookies.

5 things to eat this week
From salads to chili, apple cider to turnips, you’ll be eating well this week.