Quick’s swimsuit contest: Meet our winners

Our hunt for some of Dallas’ hottest bodies began back in May, when we asked readers to send in their photo submissions for Quick’s first summer swimsuit contest. Our official Quick swimsuit inspectors narrowed the choices down to the top 10 girls and guys, after which we asked our readers to vote and tell us who were their favorites. And we heard you loud and clear. After thousands of votes poured in during the two-week voting period in June, we finally present to you our winners: Krystal Gable and Zack Istre.

Jake & TC: Bunkers, bogeys and big money

The Rangers recently paid big money for two Dominican players, including $5 million to a 16-year-old power hitter. Granted, it’s a little weird to think of someone so young in this situation. I’m 24, for example, and am still at least a year away from my first $5 million contract. Still, I get excited when the Rangers do this kind of thing.

A live taste of ‘Onion’

Staffers and comedians from the publication are stopping at the Winspear for an edition of “The Onion Live.” We recently called up Seth Reiss, the head writer for the newspaper who will participate in the performance. Read on for his thoughts about the show, his publication and the Dallas Cowboys.


Jake & TC: An All-Star argument

We are but days away from the only all-star-type competition that excites me. I’m always bugged that the participants are selected based on a half-season’s worth of accomplishments, and I think everyone has a few tweaks they’d make to the rosters (seriously, there should not be a combined nine players from the Yankees and Red Sox every freaking year).


Boom, boom, pow: 2011 Fourth of July events

Get into the patriotic spirit and head out to one (or two, or three) of the many events happening in the area. We’ve compiled a list of celebrations – from fireworks and parades to concerts and hot-dog-eating contests. Grab your friends and join in the fun.

Getting ready for vacation makes me need it more

I started this column and got halfway through it before I realized I’d written it almost word-for-word in 2007. My fears remain unchanged by time or evidence. So what you are reading here is a hybrid. A synthesis of brilliance. A heartbreaking work of a staggering genius. I’m drunk.

Jake & TC: On Rudy and the Rangers

Analyzing the Mavericks’ draft day seems easy enough, right? They got a player who everyone is confident can play on an NBA team. Rudy Fernandez will not make All-Star, but he can sit on a sideline and wave a towel over his head after his team dunks. That puts his potential contributions to the Mavs higher than those of Dallas picks Shan Foster, Nick Fazekas and Solomon Alabi.


Dirk’s legacy: champion

Here’s when you know fate is setting a hard screen to free you up. When Dwyane Wade, with no real harassment, dribbles the ball off his foot and it rolls out of bounds, you know. When Dirk Nowitzki can’t buy a basket and the Mavericks still are ahead of the Miami Heat, you know. When LeBron James is backing down J.J. Barea and gets called for an offensive foul. And when Heat players brick free throw after free throw like there was some sort of hoop god perched up there on the backboard slapping those shots away, you know. The Mavericks, indeed, had fate on their side during this season of success.


Mavericks beat Heat to win first NBA title

As hard as it is to believe, snow fell on a steamy June night on South Beach. Today, Dallas sports fans will hit every green light on the way to work. Yes, the Mavericks are NBA champions, which validates the idea that anything’s possible.


Jake & TC: It’s Just Banter 9

This whole Jim Tressel thing doesn’t feel right. It has aFargo vibe to me. In that movie, William H. Macy’s character hires criminals to kidnap his wife, then is stung when the criminals commit more crimes than he had anticipated.