Bar tabs out of control? We’ll fix that

We love happy hour, but it’s often over before we can ditch work. (Pesky job!) Thankfully, there are plenty of watering holes that serve dirt-cheap drinks (we’re talking $3 or less) on the regular. No time limits, no day-specific specials, just ’round the clock beverage bargains. Here are a Grapevine Ba

No guilt in these pleasures
I’ve admitted it before but will fess up again: I used to be a real snob, especially about music. I played that game where each conversation became about one-upping your opponent, a game at which no one wins.


Glass has gloss, with more in store

Glass, the three-week-old, already-hot spot on McKinney Avenue, has all the elements you’d expect from an upscale lounge: A guest list and strict “style” code, ultra swanky décor with VIP areas and bottle service, and a long line of beautiful people waiting/hoping to get in.

Hey football, you are needed
Ok, so we’re all over our Mavs championship fever, right? No? Yeah, me neither. Honestly, I’m still catching a contact high from reports of J.J. Barea returning home to Puerto Rico, greeted by throngs of flag-waving fans. Seeing the footage of Dirk on a balcony, overlooking the jam-packed Wurzburg town square gave me a whole new set of sports goosebumps.


Chill out at these 10 patios

The best way to beat the heat is to just suck it up and embrace it – with the help of a few ice-cold beverages, of course. From cozy, tree-covered spots to ultra swanky rooftop decks, here are a few of our favorite patios to hit when it’s hot. And we’ll even tell you what to order when you get there.

Tastiest trend I’ve ever heard
Hipsters, while ultimately deserving more pity than scorn, are actually useful from time to time. Sure, I’ve bitched about how they set up camp in dive bars, slowly driving out the locals with their Les Savy Fav and capri jeans. And I’m as likely to give hipsters superfluous credit as a hipster is to have a non-Apple electronic product.


Grab the mike for 7 days of karaoke

You have an itch to belt out your favorite tunes, and the guts to do it in public. We have a list of places where you can sing your heart out every night. So pound that drink, put your name on the list and get ready to show off those pipes.

Enjoy art’s unpretentious side 
As almost anyone can tell you, the world of art appreciation can be pretentious and intimidating – especially when you go to an opening and you’re surrounded by the dreaded “art people.” You know the type – impossibly fashionable hipsters, wearing tiny, wire-rim glasses, speaking to each other in hushed whispers.


Find a low-key oasis in West Village

Let’s be honest: When we’re in the mood to hang out somewhere low-key and casual, the West Village isn’t the first place that comes to mind. But then we remember Uptown Pub, that old, homey dive that’s wedged in the middle of WV – a place where worn-out tennis shoes and ball caps aren’t frowned upon, and a table on the patio isn’t hard to score.

Dangerous musical liaisons
I have a surprise for you. You may know me as Amanda Cobra, hater of all chocolate-flavored cocktails, inventor of terms like “Dumpster clown” and general roustabout. And as you may have guessed, Cobra is not the legal name that appears on my birth certificate.


Dig into these five happy hours

If there’s one thing we like as much as (or maybe even more than) cheap drinks, it’s free grub. We’re talking on-the-house, chef-driven appetizers and bottomless queso bars, greasy finger foods and hot pizzas.

Hush up if you’re a hater
This week, we touch on something that is incredibly close to my heart. I love sports. Not all sports, mind you, but most of them.


Up All Night at the Bottle Shop

“Genius” is the first word that came to mind when we heard about the new Bottle Shop that opened on Greenville Avenue last week. Located in the old Blarney Stone space, this combo of beer store and pub – which offers nearly 400 bottled beers – allows you to sip on brews at the bar or pack them up and take ‘em to go.

All hail the return of lake time
The season is upon us. You can see the signs everywhere. Flip-flop displays by the cash register. Styrofoam coolers everywhere you turn. The smell of sunscreen in the air. It’s lake time.


Low-key and crafty at the Mucky Duck

Addison Circle, the tiny chunk of North Dallas that’s often sped past on the tollway, has a new reason for us to tap the brakes.

Step right up, Mr. Hangover
There is a wonderful moment when you’re out with your friends, celebrating for some reason you can no longer remember. It’s late, and much alcohol has been consumed. That is the time when ignorance is bliss.


Our 10 favorite dance spots

Looking for a spot to look sexy, get sweaty and dance like a maniac? There are plenty of places where you can shake it in Dallas. Here are our Quick Picks – our 10 favorite haunts (and several extras worth a try) that play every kind of music under the sun, from hip-hop to house to country.

Raise a glass for the Mavs
This column space is usually reserved for me telling you about bars that serve cookie-flavored cocktails, or specialty drinks in colostomy bags or something. But none of that this week. There is something far more important to address.


Karaoke rules at the Goat

If you judge a book by its cover, you probably wouldn’t step inside the Goat. That’d be a shame. The 50-something East Dallas dive, located in a strip mall, with the name of a farm animal tacked above its dingy red door, isn’t as rough as it looks. It’s charming, with blues bands and karaoke that brings out a bubbly crowd.

Theme bars win with kitsch
The theme bar has been a curiosity of mine for a long time. I’m not talking about the ubiquitous Irish pub or generic sports bar. I’m talking about bars with an entire identity wrapped up in one motif.


Five drinks for Cinco de Mayo

Our favorite way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is with a cool, south-of- the-border cocktail. Though not all of these tongue-tantalizing concoctions are from Mexico, we guarantee they’ll make your mouth fiesta. Kyle Kearbey

A new option for a May fiesta
As you might have picked up from the Corona banners hanging from every bar’s ceiling, it’s Cinco de Mayo time. As any smartass will point out to you, Cinco de Mayo is not the biggest deal in Mexico.


Step up to Single Wide

When Single Wide, the new little sis of the beloved Double Wide, opened on Greenville Avenue three weeks ago, Dallas scored another trash-tastic drinkery. A spot that, like its sibling, serves stiff drinks in a ’70s-style, dingy setting.

Can drinks get too cheap?
Oh, the lengths people will go to in order to save a buck or two. As the product of two of the most frugal people on the planet, I know better than most how intoxicating the lure of a good bargain can be. Sometimes my parents would fight about the best way to rinse and reuse sandwich bags.


O.T. Tavern shoots for sportsy fun

There’s no shortage of spots to watch a game on lower Greenville Avenue, but O.T. Tavern stands out as one of the few authentic sports bars in the area. The newish pub – which replaced National Sports Lounge in February – boasts a cozy atmosphere and menu items that won’t break the bank.

Mudbugs, beer suds and me
As Southerners, we often find ourselves the butt of jokes that assume that we are backward rednecks who all yearn to drive a vehicle so big that they are an affront to God. While most of these are just tired stereotypes, there are a few that I can’t quite repudiate. Because when it comes to one of the more redneck Southern traditions, I am guilty of loving it without shame.


Ice House scores on Katy Trail

By now, you’ve likely heard the buzz about the Katy Trail Ice House, that new Austin-style beer garden that’s two steps off the Katy Trail. Its 7,000-square-foot, pet-friendly patio and Texas-sized bar (with 50 beers on tap) have kept the place swarming with Uptowners since it soft-opened last month.

Always pregame responsibly
Life is full of difficult decisions. Right or wrong. Coke, Pepsi or Dr Pepper. Team Aniston or Team Jolie. Resuscitate or do not resuscitate.


The Dallasite keeps ‘em coming back

Loyalty matters when it comes to a beloved bar. Take the Dallasite. It began on Gaston in 1973, then moved to Ross Avenue in 1996. The crowd followed. In 2008, it moved to Bryan Street. The crowd followed again. That says a lot about the 38-year-old watering hole. It has developed a family-type atmosphere with friendly service. That keeps customers coming back, and makes newcomers feel at home.

Give baseball a sweaty hug
Opening Day for the Texas Rangers juxtaposed perfectly with my love of skipping out on work early on Fridays to go to a bar and start the weekend off right. Any excuse will do, but the start of baseball season is the greatest of all hooky scenarios.


Adair’s still kicking after after 48 years

If walls could talk, Adair’s Saloon in Deep Ellum would tell one hell of a story. But they don’t have to – you can read them. Every inch of surface is tagged with Sharpie messages left by patrons over the decades. It’s one of the quirky traditions that the honkytonk dive started when it first opened 48 years ago.

A fond farewell to Metro Diner
This may be well-traveled territory, but it needs to be touched upon again: Drinking is fun, but late-night, post-drinking eating might be the very definition of heaven.